Our Green Impact Champions are building a greener campus

Geography team with silver Green Impact award

Congratulations to all the winners at this year’s Green Impact Sustainability Awards. This year, staff and students came up with a variety of initiatives under four key sustainability themes - human, social, economic and environmental impact.

Elspeth MacKellar, Sustainability Project Assistant, said: “This is the first year that all the teams have come up with their own sustainability projects, and I have been blown away by the effectiveness and imagination behind these ideas and what the teams have achieved.”

Tim Allen, Sustainability Coordinator at Sheffield Students' Union added: “I have been involved in Green Impact at Sheffield since the very beginning and it has been great to see how far the programme has come, with input from students and staff from across our university. I really encourage people to get involved in individual and team projects as this all contributes to the bigger green impact picture, and can help a core team in departments build momentum for the bigger impact changes that are also needed in this moment."

This year, initiatives included:

  • The Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering Education (MEE) team surveyed the Diamond building for energy saving opportunities using thermal imaging cameras
  • Part-time carnivore is an initiative by the Human Resources team where the whole team signed up for meat-free days each week
  • The Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) team volunteered at Holly Hagg farm
  • Student Admin Services set up a veg-box scheme on campus and created a sensory room in the garden nursery
  • East Asian Studies sourced tree trunks from the Landscape team to use for Korean totem poles outside CiCS building

Aimee Paskins

Research Associate, Biomedical Science – part of the gold award-winning Biomedical Science team

"We recognise that we have a responsibility to conduct our research and teaching in the most sustainable, low-impact way possible. This year the Green Impact team ran two projects; one focused on recycling and minimising lab waste, and another focused on staff mental and physical wellbeing. We implemented schemes such as crisp packet and pen recycling within the department, and set up a swap shop for books and stationery. We educated staff and students on what could be reused within the laboratories, to minimise the amount of plastic ware going into the waste stream, and what we can recycle as a campus."

Aimee was also awarded the Environmental Hero Award for her work supporting staff in her area. She added: “We also encouraged staff to live more healthily and sustainably, by promoting Juice activities and alternative transport with a visit from British Cycling and introducing plant-based milks to our coffee mornings.”

Tracy Wray

Director of HR and Communications and the Professional Services lead for sustainability

“I’d like to thank all of the Green Impact champions from across the University and Students' Union for showcasing their innovative ideas. I am proud of what our champions have achieved and want to consider how we can do more to share ideas and initiatives and to get more people involved in Green Impact. Soon there will be more opportunities for you all to contribute to the new sustainability strategy as it is important that you, as our advocates, are involved. Thank you so much to everyone who is working to make our University more sustainable.”

About Green Impact

This year marks 10 years of the Green Impact Programme at Sheffield, a behaviour change programme run by NUS designed to engage people in making meaningful sustainability changes.

Over the last 10 years the Green Impact Sheffield campaign has logged a saving of 3 million kg in CO2 emissions across participating departments, the equivalent of saving £871,499.

Want to know more? Email greenimpact@sheffield.ac.uk

In 2009 Green Impact had:

  • 50 staff participants
  • 10 teams signed up to be Green Impact champions
  • Signed up to complete 200 actions

10 years later Green Impact in Sheffield has:

  • More than 400 staff participating in sustainability projects
  • 600 students trained as auditors
  • 94 teams involved in Green Impact projects

Green Impact 2019 award winners:

Working Towards Bronze



Accommodation and Commercial Services
Modern Languages Teaching Centre
Nuclear AMRC


317 Glossop Road / 36 Wilkinson Street
Department of Multidisciplinary Engineering Education
East Asian Studies


ACS Residence Life
Animal & Plant Science
Biomedical Science
Corporate Communications
Human Resources
Jessop West
Partnerships & Regional Engagement
Student Recruitment & Admissions & Global Engagement
Student Services Information Desk
Urban Studies & Planning


Information School (small team)
Student Administration Service (large team)

Special Awards

Student Leadership Award – Chloe-Ann Bradman (Green Impact Project Assistant for Jessop West team)
Environmental Improvement Award – 317 Glossop Road / 36 Wilkinson Street
Innovation for Engagement Award – Human Resources
Environmental Hero Award (student) – Edward Etheridge (Landmark)
Environmental Hero Award (staff) – Aimee Paskins (Biomedical Science)