You’re helping to shape regional engagement

In June we sent out a short questionnaire to find out how you are engaging with partners in the region. We had a fantastic return with hundreds of responses.

Many thanks to everyone who completed the questionnaire; I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to tell us in your own words about the work you do, the impact it has and the partners you join with to achieve success.

Your projects are wide-ranging and impressive and include partnerships with Sheffield City Council to deliver climate change measures adapted for public spaces; facilitating workshops on coding to 5-11 years olds; working with South Yorkshire Housing Association to provide training to line managers on how to detect mental health in their employees; and a project with a Doncaster business to develop a miniaturised airship to inspect hazardous environments.

Colleagues in Partnerships and Regional Engagement are using your responses to inform the development of our regional engagement work programmes.

Thank you again. I will keep you informed of our progress.

Professor Dave Petley

Vice-President for Research and Innovation