Help us share international alumni memories of Sheffield

Are you an international alumnus or do you have any personal contacts or links with international alumni? Your help is needed to spread the word about a new project from our Development, Alumni Relations & Events (DARE) team.

We’re proud of our diverse and inclusive international community at the University, and of how this has become a wide network of global alumni over the years.

Now, in support of the #WeAreInternational campaign, the team at Development, Alumni Relations & Events (DARE) is running a project along with Corporate Communications to create a special archive of Sheffield memories from our international alumni.

The goal is to create a digital collection of memories which we can share with new and prospective students to show that Sheffield has a history of being welcoming, inclusive and diverse.

Alum memories

Help reach out to our international alumni

An email has been sent to all international alumni about the project, but if you or colleagues have any personal connections, or can help share the message more widely, your help would be greatly appreciated.

The project is looking for:

· Stories
· Anecdotes
· Photos
· Memorabilia
· Soundbites or music

Memories can cover any area of student experience, or time spent in the city:

· Your time with the Students’ Union.
· The clubs and societies you were a member of.
· Your halls of residence and student houses.
· Any Raising and Giving (RAG), charity or other voluntary work you took part in.
· Your department, favourite classes and the support you received there.
· The city of Sheffield and what it was like to live here.
· Anything else you’d like to share.

Please ensure DARE receive all submissions by 31 January 2017.

How to send

Memories can be sent either electronically or by post. Please include your full name, year of graduation and subject studied.


Please send your stories and photos in as high a resolution image as possible to: with the subject line ‘International Sheffield Memories’.

By Post

Please send your items to:

Sheffield International Memories – DARE,
40 Victoria Street,
South Yorkshire,
S10 2TN.

If you have any items that you would like to have returned to you, please also enclose a stamped addressed envelope and we will send them back to you, or if you are happy for us to keep them, we can submit them to the University archives.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee at this stage that every item submitted will be included, however we hope to be able to use as many as possible.

Thanks for your help!