Introducing myJobshop: your one-stop portal for hiring students

A new portal for managing casual student work is being rolled out across our University, and if you’re a hiring manager you can sign up now. Here’s everything you need to know about myJobshop.

A group of casual student workers

myJobshop is an all-encompassing portal for casual student work and graduate teaching positions throughout our departments. Introduced by colleagues in our Careers Service, the system allows students undertaking casual work to register their details, manage their hours and seek new work opportunities.

myJobshop has been robustly developed and tested since January 2018, and is now ready for use across our University.

The portal takes care of the registration, eligibility to work checks and visa compliance monitoring required for our students to begin casual work in University roles. This will significantly reduce the time managers need to spend on administrative duties when hiring Casual Student Workers into their departments, making the induction process much simpler.

A streamlined digital system will also simplify the process of monitoring and authorising Casual Workers’ timesheets. Students can log their hours weekly via an online form, which managers can simply approve in order for the student to be paid.

For colleagues hoping to hire new student workers into their department, myJobshop offers a digital recruitment and selection tool to help you find the perfect match for your role. Students can register for casual work at any time, meaning you will be able to choose from a pool of candidates ready to begin casual work at short notice.

All the information you need to create a new student work placement is available on the site.

Sign up to myJobshop

the myjobshop logo

So far, the Careers Service has run a successful pilot of myJobshop in a number of academic and professional services departments. This will become available to all departments over the coming months, however departments can request to join sooner rather than later.

Jayne Winter is the Department Support Manager for Corporate Communications, who has been enrolled on myJobshop since the start of 2018. Jayne said: “I have found the new myJobshop system a lot easier than the previous process. It’s really quick to get students on the system, easy to manage having all timesheets on one system and the myJobshop team are very helpful.”

Student workers will also benefit from the new system. Students will be able to view and manage all their casual work applications and existing placements, along with visible rates of pay. Improved timesheets will make it easier for students to keep track of the hours they work.

The portal will also give students seeking part-time work on campus easier access to all the opportunities on offer, encouraging more students to consider casual University roles.

Masters student Laura Mulvey is a Casual Worker in our Department of Corporate Communications, who joined myJobshop in January. She said: “Registering on myJobshop has made it much simpler for me to keep track of the hours I work. Last year I held two Casual Worker positions at once, and it was sometimes difficult for me to maintain clear records.

“myJobshop has a much cleaner layout, allowing me to log my hours on a weekly basis and view all my past timesheets. It's great to be able to access all the details of my role, along with other casual work opportunities, in one place."