Departments receive international recognition for people management

Departments in Professional Services have once again received international recognition for people management from Investors in People (IiP)


The IiP Standard defines what it takes to lead, support and manage people well for sustainable results and is currently held by 15,000 organisations across 75 countries.

All of our Professional Services departments first jointly achieved the IiP Standard in 2002, and now feedback from interviews with more than 200 staff working across campus has led to us achieving the IiP Standard for a further three-year period.

A team of 13 staff trained as internal reviewers by IiP have been interviewing Professional Services staff at all levels, identifying areas of strength and making recommendations for improvement.

The most consistently positive feedback related to involvement and empowerment, which measures how much responsibility and ownership is encouraged, and whether staff feel involved in decision-making.

Effective internal departmental communications, staff involvement in developing departmental strategies and local reward and recognition approaches were also praised by the review team.

Congratulations Professional Services!

Watch this video to hear more about why people are proud to work at our University: