Pedal your way to victory during Cycle September

Join us for some healthy workplace competition as part of the Global Bike Challenge from Sunday 1 - Monday 30 September 2019.

Love to Ride is hosting a global workplace cycling competition, throughout the month of September, to encourage more people to get on their bikes and to raise the profile of the benefits of cycling.

In support of the Cycle September initiative, we are encouraging colleagues and departments from across the University, to get involved and get on their bikes this month, as we look at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment when we travel, as part of our sustainability strategy.

Take part in the competition, cycle socially with friends and colleagues and win top prizes - all from the comfort of your bike saddle.

Sign up on Sunday 1 September and get involved in the competition, It’s fun and free and there are many prizes to be won, including a top prize trip to New Zealand.

Competition is open to all staff, whether you haven’t cycled for years or whether you’re training for the next Tour De France. You only need to ride a bike for 10 minutes or more for your participation to count towards our team's score. And you can ride anywhere, anytime during the Challenge.

Find out more and register your interest

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