Keeping warm at work

Heating in University buildings is being switched on as we head into the colder months. We aim to keep all our rooms at a comfortable temperature for staff and students but we realise that some of our buildings are harder to keep warm.

If your workplace feels unreasonably cold, please contact EFM Helpdesk on ext. 29000 or 0114 222 9000. Our EFM team will assess the temperature and, if necessary, they may be able to temporarily provide a PAT-tested oil-filled portable radiator.

Any heaters provided will be collected once repairs to faulty heating systems have been completed or the temperature has improved.

Only oil-filled PAT tested radiators supplied by EFM are to be used on campus.

Please note that open element heaters, such as fan heaters, are not allowed on campus. They pose a fire risk and can be dangerous when left unattended.

These heaters are also often inefficient, consuming a lot of energy which is expensive and has a negative impact on carbon emissions. The University is aiming to cut carbon emissions by 43 per cent by 2020 and using the most efficient heating systems will help us to achieve this.

For more information on our energy use and how we aim to become more sustainable, visit Sustainability at Sheffield