Our new approach to leadership development

Koen and Gill

Sheffield Leader: Impact

"We are pleased to launch Sheffield Leader: Impact, our new approach to leadership development. This will sit alongside existing development opportunities and our commitment to supporting all colleagues to realise their potential and achieve individual, team and University goals and ambitions.

"Sheffield Leader: Impact will provide those in priority leadership roles with the skills, behaviours, confidence and drive to deliver the University’s ambition of achieving excellence. It will also help our leaders create high levels of staff wellbeing, engagement and performance among the teams and individuals they lead and manage.

"Priority leadership roles include: heads of academic departments; directors of professional service departments; faculty directors, research directors and departmental managers. It will also include future leaders – people identified as having the potential to undertake a priority leadership role in the future.

"Sheffield Leader: Impact has two programmes – the Personal Development Programme and the Executive Team Development Programme.

"As part of the Personal Development Programme, colleagues will take part in mixed, cross-University cohorts where they will gain increased confidence and capability to provide leadership and direction around a clear common purpose, aligned to our strategic priorities. The programme will also encourage our leaders to take collective responsibility and build their capability to be able to anticipate and respond to change effectively.

We know our leaders are positive role models and we are committed to helping them deliver courageous, authentic and inclusive leadership for the benefit of all our colleagues.

Professors Koen Lamberts and Gill Valentine

"The Executive Team Development Programme will be carried out with teams at University, faculty and department level. In our rapidly changing environment, we will help our leaders be more resilient, agile and dynamic, and will encourage them to take ownership of, and deliver solutions to, the opportunities and challenges we face.

"The first cohorts of Sheffield Leader: Impact will begin in February 2019 and we hope that all of our priority leaders will take part over the next two years.

"Participants are being contacted directly. If you have any questions please visit our FAQs or email: sheffieldleader@sheffield.ac.uk

"Sheffield Leader: Impact follows on from Sheffield Leader, which ran from 2010 to 2018. More than 1,000 colleagues took part and continue to be part of our existing leadership community. We will build on this community so that leaders can continue to learn from and support each other. We hope this network will also encourage and enable collaborative working. By working together we are better placed to proactively spot opportunities, learn what works well and deliver innovative and creative solutions to issues that we face.

"We know our leaders are positive role models and we are committed to helping them deliver courageous, authentic and inclusive leadership for the benefit of all our colleagues."

Thank you

Professor Koen Lamberts, President and Vice-Chancellor

Professor Gill Valentine, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Sheffield Leader: Essentials

Along with Sheffield Leader: Impact, we are also developing Sheffield Leader: Essentials for people holding identified leadership roles across the University.

Participants will develop the foundational knowledge, technical skills and leadership behaviours to consistently perform and succeed in their leadership roles. These skills will help participants to lead and manage people and resources in alignment with the University's focus on excellence and ambition.

Sheffield Leader: Essentials is in the design phase and will be launched in Spring 2019.

Development Everywhere

You are critical to the success of the University and we will continue to make sure we support you in your development. Sheffield Leader: Impact will sit alongside the development opportunities available to all colleagues. There are opportunities for development everywhere. Learning is not just about attending courses, it can involve attending a conference, taking part in job shadowing, private study, experience and reflection.


Videos, guides and resources can be found on our development web pages. There are also a number of courses, including those provided by CiCS, Student Services and Research & Innovation Services, available on our Learning Management System.


  • Grow Mentoring: a six-month mentoring scheme aimed at helping professional services staff to enhance skills, maximise potential, expand networks and consider career paths by working with others at the University.
  • Futures Mentoring: a six-month mentoring programme for female and BAME (Black, Asian and Other Minority Ethnic) academic staff where staff can be mentored by a more senior member of staff with a focus on supporting career progression.
  • The TUoS Mentoring Network: for anyone who works on any aspect of mentoring and meets to discuss the big issues in mentoring, from best practice in mentor training, to ensuring diversity in our programmes, to enabling ethical practice for our mentors.
  • Think Ahead: a mentoring scheme aimed at helping academic staff develop their careers in academia or beyond.

Academic Career Pathways

The Academic Career Pathway framework provides a clear and transparent framework for the career development and progression of academics across the University. It has been developed by academics and informed by extensive consultation. It seeks to build upon our existing understanding of what constitutes an academic role, whilst providing greater clarity.


One of the main ways for you to identify your learning and development needs is through the Staff Review and Development Scheme (SRDS). If you haven’t had a recent SRDS, please talk to your line manager.

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