Developing lecture capture to help our students

From 2017–18, we will have a new opt out lecture capture system called Encore.

Professor Wyn Morgan, Vice-President for Education, explains some upcoming changes to how we implement lecture capture that will help us make more recordings available to our students.

wyn"For some years now, we have been able to record lecture content and make this available to students to help with their studies. During this period a strong body of evidence has been gathered, both from within the University as well as from other institutions, about its effectiveness as a learning and teaching tool.

"These data have provided a strong case for us to adopt a policy whereby lecture capture becomes the norm, and from 2017–18, we have decided to roll out lecture capture under the name of Encore.

"Of course we appreciate that not all sessions are suitable for lecture capture, for example interactive sessions, lectures containing confidential information and lectures delivered by an external speaker who has not given permission to be recorded. For this reason we are implementing an opt out system in 2017–18. This system means that the majority of sessions will be recorded and released via MOLE automatically, but where it is not appropriate you will be able to request that it is not recorded.

"It is essential that Encore does not add to workloads, and for this reason an implementation group, led by Dr Louise Robson from Biomedical Science, and made up of staff from across academic and professional services, will be providing support for departments over the next few months on implementation approaches. Work will also be undertaken to provide guidance to students on how to get the most from Encore, and also manage student expectations.

"In the meantime, lecture capture for semester two this academic year remains an opt in system, and I would encourage you, as I have been doing in my lectures, to start using the lecture capture service and trial it in advance of the policy being in place next year."

Thank you,

Professor Wyn Morgan

Please email any questions to Dr Louise Robson or Juliet Storey