Microsoft Windows update – please read, action needed

Dear colleagues

Over the next couple of months we will be disconnecting Windows 7 devices from the University network. This is because Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 and from January 2020 they will not provide security updates on the system.

If you are using a University Microsoft Windows 7 computer you will need to upgrade your device to Windows 10 by 1 September 2019. If you are on a Windows 7 computer you will see a yellow banner at the top of your screen when you log into MUSE.

To migrate to Windows 10, an IT colleague will need to make the upgrade on your device. Please contact the CiCS helpdesk at or x21111 to book a time for this to happen. If your department has an IT support team, you can also seek help from colleagues there.

By January 2020, only Windows 7 devices that have a valid business case for continuing to operate, for example, if they are embedded in hard-to-replace equipment, will be allowed to connect and this will only be under strict security measures.

If you’re currently on Windows 7, I also recommend that as well as moving to Windows 10, you take this opportunity to move to a Managed or YoYo desktop, which offer a secure and flexible way to work. CiCS or your IT support team will be able to provide more information and help with this setup.

Many thanks

Bella Abrams
Director of Information Technology