What is Mindfulness and how can it help my Mental Wellbeing?

The word Mindfulness is used a lot, but what does it mean?

  • How can we practice mindfulness?
  • Will it improve my wellbeing?


For some people, mindfulness can raise more questions than answers. If you are a member of staff, interested in finding out more about mindfulness and giving it a try, Juice is running introductory sessions across campus throughout May.

These evening sessions will provide an overview as to what mindfulness is (and isn't) and provides opportunity to try a shorter and longer guided practice, along with scope for discussion and questions. We want to come out to you where possible, as such we will be holding each session at a different location.

Whilst this session is geared towards newcomers to mindfulness, it is open to any who want to attend and participate.

To find out dates and book on today please click here.

Please also browse our Juice articles around creating and sustaining a positive mindset. The Health Hub can be accessed through our Juice platform via MUSE. Articles include the value of meditation, making healthy habits stick, and the benefits of getting outdoors for mental wellbeing.