National Postdoc Appreciation Week

16-20 September 2019 is National Postdoc Appreciation Week - an opportunity to recognise and showcase the significant contributions postdoctoral researchers make to the research and teaching environment in universities across the UK.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to our dedicated research staff who contribute to our world-leading University. We want to raise awareness of the important role they play in research and how they support our mission to discover and understand.

Join the N8 Research Partnership in celebrating National Postdoc Appreciation Week

The N8 universities are taking part in this national event to highlight the vast range of contributions made by postdoctoral researchers in ensuring that the N8 is a vibrant and successful research powerhouse in the North of England.

Next week, they will be launching their #N8PostDocs campaign on Twitter, to reach and show appreciation to the thousands of postdocs who work in the N8 universities.

Get involved

If you would like to share your gratitude and recognise the work or achievements of someone you know, visit the N8 website to download the toolkit.

Don’t forget to share your message with @sheffunistaff so we can reshare your recognition with colleagues!

Support for researchers

There are lots of initiatives across the institution highlighting the impact of research staff as well as resources and services to support their career development.

We are committed to supporting research staff by enhancing their experience of working at the University and contributing to their career development.

Each of our five faculties, along with Research Services and the Careers Service, have collaborated to provide research staff with Think Ahead, a framework for the continuous professional development of researchers, supporting individual career ambitions in and beyond academia.

Explore Think Ahead