New recycling bins on campus

As part of our drive to improve recycling rates, we are installing new mixed recycling bins across campus.

The new bins are already in place on the redeveloped concourse and will be collecting the same materials as the blue recycling bins used inside University buildings.

Elspeth MacKellar, Sustainability Projects Assistant, said: “The aim is to simplify and standardise our recycling facilities across the estate and reduce the amount of waste we dispose of as general waste.

“The University currently recycles around 28 per cent of its general waste into recycling bins which is significantly lower than it could be. We want to improve these rates and make it really easy for everyone to recycle quickly and correctly.”

What can be recycled?

  • Paper and card - all clean paper and card can be recycled
  • Metal - all clean tins and foil can be recycled
  • Glass - all clean glass jars and bottles can be recycled
  • Plastics - tubs, bags, bottles, trays and pots

Remember to rinse items clean before you put them in the bin. This helps to prevent contamination.

More information about recycling