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Harassment, abuse, bullying, violence and discrimination have no place at our University.

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Professor Gill Valentine, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, introduces a new online platform for staff and students for reporting and accessing support about harassment, abuse, bullying, sexual violence and discrimination of any kind.

"We’re working hard to progress inclusion, tolerance and diversity at the University. To make it easier for staff and students to report and gain access to support about harassment, abuse, bullying, sexual violence and discrimination of any kind, we have a new online platform called Report + Support. This is a secure online platform used by many organisations and universities.

"You can use the platform personally if you experience behaviour that is of concern. You can also make a report on someone else’s behalf if you have witnessed something or are concerned about someone’s welfare. This might be a colleague, a direct report, a member of your team or a student - this is especially important if you are a personal tutor or in a student-facing role.

"You can make a report by giving your personal details, which will enable our advisers in the Central Welfare and Guidance team (for students) or Human Resources (for staff) to make contact and offer support and advice on next steps.

"You can also make a report anonymously. This is important to help us to get an accurate picture of what’s happening at the University. For anonymous reporting, we won’t be able to contact you but would encourage you to access the support options on the platform.

"We already have established policies and procedures in place for dealing with harassment, bullying and discrimination. We have also worked with the Students’ Union and campus trade unions to agree a common definition for sexual violence, which is now reflected in our policies and procedures. Report + Support is an additional reporting route which means you can make a report at any time of the day or night via a single, secure system. Reports are directed to the appropriate team to respond. If you or someone you are supporting is more comfortable using other, more established routes to access support, that is fine too. For staff, please get in touch with the relevant HR contact for your area and for student related issues, contact Central Welfare and Guidance.

"In the event of an emergency where you, or someone else, is in immediate danger, move to a safe space if possible and call the University Security Service on 0114 222 4444 - or dial 999 if outside the University Campus.

"To report other incidents such as suspected criminal activity, noise complaints, incidents of a medical nature, hate crime, and any other security issues, please contact Security Control on our 24-hour line 0114 222 4085 (ext 24085)."

Many thanks

Professor Gill Valentine, Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Let's talk about consent and sexual harassment

We have also recently signed up to work with The Consent Collective, a not-for-profit which seeks to help organisations talk about, and better understand, consent and sexual harassment. To kick start our work we are hosting two events open to all staff and students in November:

Being part of change. Sexual harassment on campus

Tuesday 12 November 2019, Firth Hall

We all have a responsibility to be an active part of creating a safe and respectful university - but how can you play your part?

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#MeToo and you. Sexual harassment and your future career

Wednesday 13 November 2019, Firth Hall

A guest lecture exploring how employers are responding to the challenge of sexual harassment in the workplace.

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On our dedicated Consent Collective resource you can sign up to our free membership area using your University email address to access videos about difficult to talk about subjects.

This resource is available to all students and staff and is especially useful if you provide support to students as part of your role or if you deal with disclosures and complaints. Look out for further events and training opportunities over the coming year.

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