New Travel and Business Expenses Financial Regulations

Please note that there are updates to the University's Financial Regulations that cover staff Travel and Business Expenses. The new document is still part of the Supplementary Information Appendices (SIA 2) and can be found on here.

As an institution, we want to be open and transparent around expenditure on staff travel and business expenses. Therefore, we must have good financial governance covering this topic.

To ensure that we are compliant it is mandatory that all colleagues follow these updated Financial Regulations, for all expenses and for any method used to pay them. Methods include using Purchasing Cards, Reimbursed Expenses claims, Advances of Expenses or even Petty Cash. These new Financial Regulations comply with current HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) tax rules and, provided they are adhered to, the expenses incurred will not be subject to any personal Income Tax and National Insurance consequences.

Some other key points to note are:

a) The underlying compliance requirements have not changed; your responsibilities are the same; all expenses must be checked against itemised receipts, be incurred for a clear business reason and must represent Value For Money.

b) The updated Financial Regulations adopt current HMRC published rates for business mileage and subsistence allowances. The higher business mileage rate per mile can now be used.

c) Greater clarity is now given on the topic of staff-only meetings.

d) A no alcohol policy has been introduced for any claims relating to subsistence.

The updated Financial Regulations apply to expenses incurred from April 2018 onwards.The new document replaces the previous "Staff Fees, Expenses and Benefits Procedures Manual." A document providing a full overview of the new Travel and Business expenses Regulations is also available as a download from the link provided above.

If you have any questions about the new Financial Regulations please contact the Travel and Business Expenses Team or send an email to