Dynamic new website design goes live this week

New web page design

Our University website is one of our most important shop windows into the work we do. Each year 24 million people visit it, and recent research into our reputation has told us that we could do a better job using it to tell our story more powerfully.

The first stage of a complete overhaul of our website, a collaborative project between the digital team in Corporate Affairs and the web team in CiCS, is now complete. And the new top-level pages, including this staff page, will go live this week designed to showcase the amazing content we create every day.

The new pages feature greater use of imagery and video and provide a clearer visual platform to help build our reputation as a global university. They will also work more effectively across different devices, such as mobile and tablet.

Navigation is focused around our priority audiences. It will help people find the information they need and bring a greater focus on generating calls to action for our visitors. The project team will also be applying elements of the new design to existing CMS pages to bring some consistency.

The website is one of our most important and effective communication channels, so the changes don’t stop here. The aim is to make sure that the standard of the new top-level pages is reflected on the rest of the website. The project team will work together with faculties and departments to make this happen.

Feedback form: If you spot any technical problems with the new web pages or have any comments then complete this form to give your feedback.