Our Mental Health Week: Huma Zafar

Post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Psychology, Dr Huma Zafar, shares her beliefs for achieving mental health.

Dr Huma Zafar

In my view, mental health is indispensable to living a healthy, meaningful, and productive life. Sometimes, challenges and stresses in our work and life overwhelm all of us. In order to survive and thrive, I believe, we must meet and greet all the challenges with an unwavering faith in our Creator who has bestowed us with countless blessings. I believe, instead of looking to the ‘have-nots’, we should look to the ‘haves’, as “gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness.”

Any failures in life should not deter our struggle to achieve life goals. Instead, lessons should be gleaned through those failures. By always putting trust in God, I believe in my potentials, plan life goals, by managing my time, prioritizing activities, and remaining focused, positive, and productive to achieve those goals. I believe if we remain unsuccessful, we should shun gloomy attitude, and rise again. Instead of worrying ourselves in bad times, we should use our energies to find solution to our problems. We should try to find opportunities even when confronted with adversities.

The cardinal rule to achieve mental health is to look at the brighter side of things. I believe, we should cherish every moment of our life, stay calm, keep going, and remember never forget to support and uplift others in the journey of life.