Take our Information Security Training and stay safe online

A message from Bob Rabone, Chief Financial Officer, who encourages us all to protect ourselves against online fraud.

"Email fraud that targets members of staff is on the rise. It is also becoming increasingly sophisticated and hard to identify.

"Over the last couple of months a number of people, both here and at other universities, have fallen victim to email scams, leading to the loss of thousands of pounds.

"At Sheffield, CiCS has systems in place to limit how many fraudulent emails get through and to mitigate the impact where possible. However, some emails will always get through, so it is vital that you remain alert to potential threats and take responsibility for the security of your University computing and email accounts.

"The University's Information Security Training provides you with the skills and awareness to stay safe online, and we have seen that staff who have completed the training are less susceptible to email fraud.

"Therefore, in order to protect yourself and University information and services, all staff should undertake the Protecting Information module of the University's Information Security Training, which can be accessed by clicking on View all Services in MUSE and then selecting Information Security Training.

"The training is short and should take about 20-30 minutes.

"Wishing you all good cyber safety."

Bob Rabone, Chief Financial Officer


In response to these recent attempts by fraudsters to entrap our students and staff, the Student Communications Team in SSiD has created a new film, Scamspotting.

The launch of Scamspotting coincides with Take Five Day, led by Financial Fraud Action UK Ltd and supported by major banks along with credit, debit and charge card issuers.