Online University Student Complaints Procedure training

Our Student Administration Service has launched a new online course which offers advice and guidance to assist all staff in feeling confident in dealing with complaints from students.

Supporting the Supporters is a 15-minute training course that will enable you to:

  • Understand the University Student Complaints Procedure and its different stages
  • Be clear as to your responsibilities should you be involved in a student complaint
  • Signpost students to relevant information and/or support quickly and confidently

Whatever your role at our University, you may be approached by a student, or a group of students, who wish to complain about something. The course is therefore aimed at all University staff, but is of particular relevance to Heads of Departments, Directors of Service, Personal Tutors, PGR supervisors, and staff in student-supporting roles.

On completion, you will receive access to a course resource guide, including downloads of guidance notes and example documents.

Take the online course