Our vision for Sheffield - your invitation to join the conversation

Dear colleague

Earlier this summer, I emailed you about my intention to hold a University-wide dialogue about our future direction. I’m pleased to invite you to a series of town-hall style sessions where we can discuss the direction we want to take.

Conversations at these sessions will be centred around a Vision Green Paper, which I have developed following my meetings with all University departments, with support from colleagues on the University Executive Board (UEB) and their teams. The sessions will give you the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposals in the paper.

The sessions are open to all staff and I would encourage everyone to attend. The majority of sessions will be themed around the four priorities set out in the Vision Green Paper. There will also be a number of broader sessions. Alongside the town-hall events, we will have a digital ideas board called Ideascale, which allows you to add your own ideas and comment on proposals. Whether or not you attend the sessions, please use this as another way to join the conversation with your colleagues.

From these conversations we will develop a new vision and strategy for the University.

To read the Vision Green Paper and to book a session visit: www.sheffield.ac.uk/staff/vision-green-paper

I sincerely hope you will be able to contribute to this important conversation.

With best wishes

Koen Lamberts

President and Vice-Chancellor