Professor Philip McCann awarded ERSA Prize in Regional Science

Congratulations to Professor Philip McCann, Professor of Urban and Regional Economics, Sheffield University Management School, who has recently been recognised by the European Regional Science Association (ERSA) for his skills and commitment to the development of RSAI in the realms of theory, applied theory and practice.

Professor Philip McCann

The ERSA Prize in Regional Science is a prestigious award that recognises outstanding regional scientists at European level and is awarded annually to one scholar, selected by an international panel on behalf of the 2,500 members of the European Regional Science Association.

Professor McCann is one of the world’s most highly cited and widely published spatial economists and economic geographers of his generation. The ERSA Prize is the latest in his great list of global awards for his research, including: the 2002 Hewings Award from NARSC (North America); the 2007 Moss Madden Memorial Medal (UK and Ireland); the 2010 ERSA 50th Anniversary Award (Europe); the 2016 Best Paper in Regional Studies Award (International); and the 2018 Best Paper in Regional Studies Award (International). He is also Co-Director of the Sheffield-led ESRC Productivity Insights Network, co-editor of journals such as Spatial Economic Analysis and Papers in Regional Science, and on the boards of the British & Irish Section, the European Organizing Committee of ERSA and the Council of RSAI.

Professor McCann has made groundbreaking contributions to research in regional science and urban economics, and is also an expert in explaining the implications of new research to scholars, policy analysts, educators and the general public. The jury of the ERSA Prize Committee said 'his contribution to science, policy and planning and the ERSA community is truly priceless'.

On receiving the award, Philip said: “I am really honoured to have been given this award - it was a great surprise and I am really delighted.” 

Professor Fraser McLeay, Head of Marketing, International Enterprise and Strategy where Philip works, said: “Philip works extremely hard. His pioneering research has helped us build tremendous international networks, as well as develop a really strong team of world-leading academics around him at Sheffield University Management School. He really deserves this prestigious award.”