Awards success for our Public Engagement and Impact team


Congratulations to our Public Engagement and Impact team, who have won a prestigious Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) award for their Futurecade exhibition.

Futurecade received the ARMA Communication and Outreach in Research Management and Administration award, reflecting the team’s innovation and successful public engagement.

The award celebrates the most effective and creative ways of communicating research activity to the public, and the unique experience on offer to Futurecade’s thousands of visitors ensured that the work of our team stood out.

A pioneering cross-sector project, Futurecade featured at the Festival of the Mind 2016, attracting over 9,000 visitors to its site in the Millennium Gallery.

The exhibition strengthened the ongoing connections between our world-leading researchers and partners across the city. Visitors were invited to experience 16 innovative projects, which showcased the collaboration of ideas between our academics and local artists and practitioners.

Dynamic installations, ranging from breakdance performances to virtual reality experiences, channelled our cutting-edge research to explore how art and digital culture might shape the future. Funded by Arts Council England, the exhibition also featured nationally commissioned art installations with a focus on the changing powers of technology.

Judges were impressed by the high quality of cross-sector collaboration throughout the project, with over 80 per cent of external participants making plans for further partnership with our academics.

The exhibition was widely praised for the unique opportunities it presented; researchers and artists alike enriched their work through partnership, and our wider Sheffield community accessed groundbreaking ideas in exciting new ways.

“Futurecade was an amazing experience. Its success is thanks to the partnerships and cross faculty team work across the University between academics, researchers, and colleagues from events, communications, CiCS and public engagement and city, all working together to produce something special.”

Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Director of City Cultural Engagement

picking up award