The University to run a trial of recyclable coffee cups

Frugal cupWe are pleased to announce that during the week of 12 - 16 March, we will be running a trial of recyclable coffee cups.

Every minute in the UK 5,000 disposable cups are used and only 12 of these are likely to get recycled.

We want to change this, starting here on our campus, so we’re running a trial of recyclable cups that can actually be recycled for all regular sized coffee cups in three cafes across campus.

Frugal Cups are made from recycled cardboard that can be processed by any UK paper recycling facility. You can put them in any recycling bin that recycles paper.

Regular sized Frugal Cups will be sold alongside our usual small and large cups. Please only recycle the blue, regular-sized Frugal Cups. This will be clear from the cup itself.

You must empty the cup of any liquid before you recycle it, or it will contaminate the recycling.

The trial will only run in the following cafes, so please dispose of your cups in a recycling bin near to these cafes:

We really want the trial to be a success so that we can roll out recyclable cups across all cafes and units on campus. So don’t forget:

  • Only recycle the regular-sized blue cups
  • Empty the cups of any liquids in the bottom before you recycle

Spread the word amongst colleagues and share your pictures on twitter using the following: @frugalpac, #theCupCounts, #recycleUK, #sheffieldunirecycle

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