How to recycle in 60 seconds

This Recycle Week 24-30 September, we're highlighting how easy it is to recycle. So easy in fact, that we can sum it up in just 60 seconds.

Over the past few years our recycling rates have declined from 396 tonnes in 2014–15 to 267 tonnes this year. We want to reverse this downward trend and make it really easy for everyone to recycle quickly and correctly.

Watch the video 'Recycling at Sheffield in 60 seconds'

Mixed recycling

In the mixed recycling bins on campus you can recycle the following items.

Remember to rinse items clean before you put them in the bin. This helps to prevent contamination.

Paper & card

All clean paper and card can be recycled

paper recycling


All clean tins and foil can be recycled

metal recycling


All clean glass jars and bottles can be recycled

glass recycling


  • Tubs
  • Bags
  • Bottles
  • Pots
  • Trays

plastic recycling

Keep an eye out for the new recycling poster around campus (JPEG 1.27MB)

recycling poster

Note: recycling on campus is different to recycling at home

Please note that our recycling facilities on campus are different from your recycling at home. For example, whilst we recycle many types of plastic Sheffield City Council only recycles plastic bottles and lids. If you live in Sheffield, please refer to Council guidance.