How are you engaging with partners in the region?

To fully understand the breadth of engagement we undertake across the region, please take 10 minutes to complete a short questionnaire. This is one of the first steps towards creating the Civic University Agreement we signed up for earlier this year. Professor Dave Petley, Vice-President for Research and Innovation, explains:

Dave Petley

"Earlier this year, the University signed up to creating a Civic University Agreement reaffirming our historic civic commitment to the city of Sheffield and the wider community.

"One of the first steps towards creating an agreement is to fully understand the breadth of engagement our staff undertake across the region. This engagement could take the form of activities around research and innovation, skills, teaching and learning or it could be public engagement or cultural vibrancy projects. Equally it could be work that touches areas such as social inclusion, sustainability, the green environment or procurement. This list is not exhaustive but an indication of the possible areas where activity might be taking place.

"Together with my colleagues in Partnerships and Regional Engagement, we have prepared a short questionnaire which is your opportunity to tell us about the great work you do with our partners in the region. These partners could include industry, charities, third sector, community groups, education sector (schools, FE, HE), healthcare sector, local authorities, government agencies or cultural organisations. We are also interested to know if you undertake regional roles on boards and committees. This could be within the community, regional businesses or education sector, for example school governor.

Take the questionnaire before 8 July 2019

"We are not being prescriptive in the questionnaire as we want you to tell us in your own words about the work you do, the impact it has and the partners you join with to achieve success. You may find it helpful to have the details of your project/activity to hand when filling in the questionnaire and it should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. If you have multiple projects you are engaged in, please fill in one form per project or speak directly to Yasmin Knight, Head of Regional Engagement in Partnerships and Regional Engagement at or ext: 21057.

"Many thanks for your time in completing this questionnaire which I would be grateful if you could complete by Monday 8 July 2019. Your input will help us to shape our Civic University Agreement."

Professor Dave Petley
Vice-President for Research and Innovation

Note: The data will be collected by the Partnerships and Regional Engagement team and collated results will be used to build and share knowledge of how staff at the University contribute to our civic role. The information will be used to inform the development of our Civic University Agreement. Individual responses may be followed up for development purposes and data will be kept for three years.