Research Services is launched

Research and Innovation Services has been transformed into a new service - Research Services, offering a more streamlined and comprehensive service to staff through a flexible, customer-focused approach. This follows recommendations arising from the Review of Research Support that took place earlier this year.

Research is vitally important to everything we as a University. Not only does it underpin the teaching and learning experience of our students, it also makes a difference to our city, the nation and the world. To enable us to continue delivering world-class research that contributes to the University’s global reputation, a review of research support services was undertaken. The review critically explored the ways in which services could be improved to better meet our current and future needs, and respond to the external challenges facing the University, such as Brexit and Higher Education policy

The review concluded last spring and a set of recommendations for strengthening services emerged. You can find out more in the Review findings and recommendations report. The decision was taken to create a refocused, simplified and flexible new operating model, responsible for delivering consistently excellent research support. This would be accompanied by a customer-focused approach at the heart of delivering services to individual researchers and research groups.

Since the review concluded, changes have been made to implement and embed the recommendations to deliver the new Research Services model. The structure of the service comprises a Director and two Assistant Directors leading on the two key service functions - Research Growth and Development, and Research Delivery and Quality. Within these functions, roles and responsibilities have been defined and if necessary posts created and updated. Deborah McClean continues to act as Interim Director.

The new structure for Research Services


You can find out about the services that teams deliver on the Research Services web pages.

Research Partnerships and Engagement has been relocated within the University’s structure and joined with the Office of City and Cultural Engagement to form Regional Engagement and Partnerships (REP). The new team now reports to the Chief Operating Officer and you can find out more about the ongoing development of this service on REP’s new webpage.

Next steps

Teams across the new service are exploring the ways in which they can strengthen the ties between research support and faculties. The University has ambitions to grow income and produce more world-leading research output so that we can demonstrate the impact of research on society and the economy. We also want to maintain the number of high-quality post-graduate research students who make such a vital contribution. As such, Faulty Research support roles will provide a conduit between Research Services and each of the five faculties. This will enable greater alignment of Research Services with the needs and priorities of faculties, all the while contributing to the wider University Strategy on Research.

Research Services is keen to receive any feedback or queries you may have about the new service. Please get in touch with Deborah McClean.