Building a bright future for architecture

We’ve been recognised for making architecture a diverse and inclusive profession where talent can thrive.

Professor Fionn Stevenson, Satwinder Samra and Daniel Kerr from our School of Architecture have been named as Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Role Models.

Being a Role Model means they can share their expertise and insights into the profession, and inspire potential architects to pursue their ambitions.

Fionn, Satwinder and Daniel were selected for their commitment in driving forward diversity in the profession, as inspiring examples for potential architecture students to identify with.

They were interviewed for the project about how they forged their careers in architecture, to share the possibilities for success and achievement with budding architects.

The RIBA Role Models scheme explores the careers and life experiences of participants, from students to senior practitioners across the country, all at various stages of their careers.

It honours those who are contributing to making architecture a profession for a wide range of talented individuals.

Our RIBA role models

Fionn Stevenson, Head of our School of Architecture

After working in practice for eight years, Fionn pursued a career in academia, and was made Head of our School of Architecture in 2013.

Fionn’s research and consultancy work focuses on developing innovative methods of building performance evaluation.

“Both my feminism and my anarchism enable me to challenge traditional ways of thinking. When I question the role of women and what constitutes a family, I can then consider the implications for design and the way space is used."


Satwinder Samra, School of Architecture Director of Future Practice

Satwinder currently teaches at our School of Architecture and is Director of Future Practice, having recently launched the innovative new MArch in Architecture: Collaborative Practice route.

“Architecture is already a fairly exclusive profession and the financial realities of studying are making it even more so. We risk a future where an architectural profession will only be for those who can afford it.

“I’m currently developing a scheme that allows students to earn as they learn. Students will be employed by a practice during their Masters in Architecture programme, which means that their everyday practice work can count as live content for their academic studies."


Daniel Kerr, School of Architecture Teaching Assistant

Daniel came to architecture later in life having worked in the manufacturing and finance sectors. He has worked for both large and small practices. Daniel is a Teaching Assistant at our School of Architecture where he is undertaking PhD studies.

“Just because somebody has the courage to challenge society’s rules, it doesn’t mean that they’re unprofessional.

“I hope a role model can be imperfect and still have value if they are able to tell a story that people can somehow benefit from.”

Daniel Kerr