A celebration of scholarships at our University

Celebrate scholarships

Earlier this month, just under 250 of our undergraduate and graduate scholars from all over the world were welcomed at a special scholarship celebration event hosted by Professor Wyn Morgan, our Vice-President for Education. The event, which was organised by Student Recruitment and Admissions also brought together colleagues from across the University involved in supporting our scholars to celebrate their achievements.

The evening provided an opportunity to reflect on the importance of scholarships and the huge opportunities they bring individuals and the University.

In partnership with our alumni and supporters, the University funds a range of scholarships for students, aiming to improve access to study and reward academic excellence. Nearly half of our scholarship winners are international students, helping the brightest and most talented students to pursue their studies at Sheffield.

In attendance that evening were Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gill Valentine, Head of Global Engagement, Malcolm Butler and Director of Advancement in the alumni office, Miles Stevenson, as well as representatives of the academic community and teams from the International Office. At the event staff and students mingled over wine and food and enjoyed live music provided by Sheffield Students Jazz Ensemble ‘FriNJE’.

Wyn Morgan opened the event, thanking and congratulating our scholars. His words were followed by contributions from three scholars, who spoke about  their journey to Sheffield, what their scholarship meant to them and the huge benefits in terms of academic, professional and personal growth the scholarship has afforded.

Celebrating our scholars

Student scholars and the colleagues who support them, share their thoughts on the importance of scholarships at the University.

WynProfessor Wyn Morgan, Vice-President for Education:

“Scholarships are incredibly important in breaking down the barriers to study. They enable our scholars not just to excel academically but to live student life to the full and participate in all the incredible things our University has to offer.

“Our scholars come from a huge range of different countries and all parts of the UK, they span undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across our faculties. The scholarship celebration event is a wonderful opportunity to mark their achievements.”

NikitaNikita Verna, second year medical student from Mumbai, Undergraduate International Scholarship winner:

“Sheffield is a fantastic place to realise your potential and for me the scholarship made me feel really valued and made me want to give my best back to the University.

“I’ve also been inspired by the way the University was set up with the help of penny donations from the local people of Sheffield. They believed in empowering future generations by educating them, so volunteering to help out in the local community is the least we can do to express our gratitude for their generous contributions. I volunteer for a charity which makes science child and family friendly, through events, talks and workshops. I also help with Sheffield's Outreach and Access to Medicine Scheme (SOAMS), which gives pupils the opportunity to study medicine who might not have had the chance because of their backgrounds.”

Professor Jackie Marsh, Faculty Director of Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Social Sciences:

“We’re very proud of all our scholars and really enjoy working with them. The level of competition is very high, so their applications have to really stand out. It’s a real testament to their dedication, commitment and hard work when they’re successful in coming here.

“We also benefit greatly from them as ambassadors once they get here, demonstrating to prospective students what can be achieved, regardless of background.”

ZaraZarah Ahmed, postgraduate scholar in International Law and Global Justice:

“The scholarship was really well advertised so I decided to go for it at the end of my undergraduate degree at Sheffield. However, I never thought I'd get it. The process was very personal - your achievements, goals and ideas. When I got the email in the summer to say I’d been successful, I was ecstatic.

“I’m really loving the course and it’s really inspiring me to think about the future - I’d love to work in the humanitarian sector and the scholarship will really help me in this goal.”

Miriam Brown, Senior International Officer, Global Engagement:

“We’re incredibly lucky to provide a wonderful suite of scholarships for international and domestic students. It’s incredibly inspiring to see how scholarships have made a real impact in the lives of individual students coming from countries around the world.

“This also has a broader impact on how the University engages and establishes long-lasting links with the country or city that the scholar comes from. It raises the profile of the University across the world, showing aspiring young people how they can unlock that journey to Sheffield and higher education in the UK.”

Professor Steve Winder, Director of Postgraduate Teaching, Faculty of Science:

“I’m involved in the scholarship selection for postgraduates. We look for people with a unique view on life with strong academic credentials. Given that postgraduate taught courses are so short, you can follow the student closely through that one year and see them make real progress, developing into someone ready for a research career, a job in industry or just to go out into the world and do whatever they want. That transition in their postgrad year is quite dramatic and inspiring to see.”

StephanieStephanie Sackey, postgraduate scholar, MSc in Social policy and Research:

“Thanks to my scholarship, I’ve been able to do so much more than just my course. What I’ve loved most this year is being a student ambassador working with young people supporting outreach at the University.

“I love encouraging those who might not think they can come to university to think differently. After all, scholarships have enabled all of us to pursue this opportunity by breaking down barriers. I get to run and design my own workshops encouraging young people to engage with topics I covered as an undergraduate, which helps me prove a point to them - that they all have the potential and capability to go to university if they want to. This work is so important in diversifying our student body, and I now know that I want to go into outreach after my studies thanks to my scholarship."

Zoe Ollerenshaw Grundy, Senior Lecturer, School of Law:

“I’m always amazed at the quality of our applicants and I’m so thrilled that we can help them and give them that sense of belief that they really deserve to be here.

“Sometimes they can find the road a bit bumpy, but to know that this university really believes in them, gives them the grit to go out and seize those opportunities. Also for them to know that they don’t have to work all the hours of the day to fund their studies, is incredibly important.”

CameronCameron Fey, postgraduate scholar, MA in Intercultural Communication and International Development:

“Very few of my mates went to university and I was the first in my family to go. So when I wanted to continue my studies beyond undergraduate level, I had no idea how to overcome the financial barriers of a postgraduate degree. That’s when I came across Sheffield’s 100+ scholarships offering.

“I was elated to be offered a place and can see that there are so many ways in which my scholarship broke down barriers and gave me incredible opportunities that I would never have had. I undertook research abroad in places such as Mozambique and the Galapagos Islands, it meant I could take part in sports, including competing in Varsity, and extra-curricular activities. It also gave me the freedom to set up a campaign group on UK Aid, engaging with local MPs on the issue. This is what the scholarship represented for me - going above and beyond in my academic work and seeking out everything that university afforded me.”

HannahHannah Russell, Global Engagement

“The team in Global Engagement are really excited about welcoming international scholars to the University. The scholarship helps to recognise the high performance of students and attract the brightest and the best, helping to make their journey to Sheffield easier.

“This event is a fantastic way to celebrate their achievements, and it’s great for us to actually meet them in person, after having corresponded over phone or email, and to see that they’ve realised their dream in coming to study here.”

An overview of our scholarships

Here are a number of our key scholarship programmes, helping to make a real difference in the lives of our students.

Experience Sheffield

The University awards 150+ Experience Sheffield scholarships to Home and EU Undergraduate students, worth £3,600. The scholarship takes into account a number of Widening Participation factors, helping to support students from lower socio-economic backgrounds during their time at University. These awards are entirely funded by donations from alumni and friends of the University from around the world.

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International Undergraduate Scholarships

The University offers a number of different scholarships to high-achieving international students with excellent academic results and potential. Students are funded up to 50 per cent of their tuition fees and come from all over the world to pursue this opportunity.

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Sports Scholarships

As part of the Elite Sports Performance Scheme (ESPS), the University offers students who are competing at an elite level in their respective sport to apply for a sport scholarship with aims to help maintain their sporting success alongside their course. The award is divided into two level tiers depending on sporting standard with recipients gaining access to specialist coaching and specific facilities. All athletes who are awarded a place on the scheme are expected to represent the University wherever possible.

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100+ Scholarships

The University offers 100+ scholarships worth £10,000 each for home students starting a taught postgraduate course every year. The scholarships are for students who meet at least one widening participation criteria and/or students who achieve a first in their undergraduate degree. Students can choose to put the scholarship towards fees or living expenses.

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Asylum Seekers

The University offers five scholarships to those who have sought refuge in the UK, covering the cost of tuition and providing a £9,840 award to support living costs for each year of study. It is available for students studying undergraduate degrees or postgraduate masters courses with aim of supporting students under the government’s resettlement programme or those who are recent arrivals in the UK.

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Lloyds Scholars Programme

The Lloyds Scholars Programme targets students from a lower income household, giving them access to a financial bursary of up to £15,000, a dedicated mentor and guaranteed paid summer internships and employability support throughout their time at university. They do not have to have in interest in banking – current students on the programme study a wide variety of courses.

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