Elected staff membership of the Senate

Dear colleague

By the closing date of 5 June 2019, the position with respect to nominations for elected staff membership of Senate required elections in four of the seven categories, as set out below. Voting in the consequent election concluded at midnight on Sunday 30 June 2019 and I declare below the following persons elected to membership of the Senate for the periods set out.

As previously notified, some differentiation is needed in the initial terms (one, two and three years) to create phasing for future succession. Initial terms have been allocated, in thirds, based on the number of votes received. Where constituencies have an odd number of places, a preference has been given to longer terms of appointment.

In three of the categories the number of nominations was less than or equal to the number of vacancies and elections were not required.

Dr Tony Strike
University Secretary

Faculty of Arts and Humanities (2 vacancies, 1 nomination):

Professor Mary Vincent, 2019-2022

Faculty of Engineering (6 vacancies, 4 nominations):

Professor Stephen Beck, 2019-2022
Professor Russell Hand, 2019-2022
Dr Siobhan North, 2019-2022
Dr Thomas Walther, 2019-2022

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health (5 vacancies, 14 nominations, 240 voters):

Dr Parveen Ali, 2019-2021,
Mr Abualbishr Alshreef 2019-2020
Dr Lynne Bingle, 2019-2022
Mrs Anna Cantrell, 2019-2022
Dr Janine Kirby, 2019-2021

Faculty of Science (5 vacancies, 9 nominations, 258 voters):

Professor Caitlin Buck, 2019-2021
Professor Jane Grasby, 2019-2022
Professor Lorraine Maltby, 2019-2020
Dr Louise Robson, 2019-2021
Dr Sarah Staniland, 2019-2022

Faculty of Social Sciences (7 vacancies, 12 nominations, 246 voters):

Professor Peter Bath 2019-2020
Professor Sumon Bhaumik, 2019-2021
Mrs Lisa Bradley, 2019-2020
Dr Julie Jones, 2019-2021
Mrs Zoe Ollerenshaw, 2019-2022
Dr Stefanie Pukallus, 2019-2022
Dr Simon Rushton, 2019-2022

Professional Services (4 vacancies, 21 nominations, 465 voters):

Dr Julian Crockford, 2019-2022
Mrs Ana Hidalgo-Kingston, 2019-2022
Mr Dan Newberry, 2019-2020
Mr Richard Simpson, 2019-2021

Extra-Faculty (1 vacancy, 1 nomination)

Dr Nicholas Murgatroyd, 2019-2022