Voting open for Senate elections

Thank you to everyone who submitted a nomination to stand for election to the University Senate.

On Monday we opened elections for the Faculties of Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry and Health, Social Sciences, and for staff in professional services roles. Staff at grade 7 and above are eligible to vote in their respective faculty or professional service category and these colleagues have received an email with information about the nominees followed by an email with a link to cast their votes.

If you think you should have received an email but can’t see one in your inbox, please check your spam folder. And if you have any questions please email

For the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, and Extra Faculty (ELTC, DLL and AMRC) we received equal or fewer numbers of nominations than positions to be elected and so we do not need to hold an election. The results for these two categories have been notified to the members of the individual categories and the full results will be shared more widely when the outcome of the elections is confirmed. The Faculty of Science did not have any vacancies for elected academic members this year.

Voting will close at 11.59pm on Sunday 28 June 2020 and we look forward to announcing the newly elected Senate members.

With very best wishes

Dr Tony Strike
University Secretary

About Senate and the elections

Senate is the highest academic governing body in the University. It helps ensure that the University maintains and improves academic quality, standards and the student experience.

We’ve introduced thirty elected staff places. Each faculty now has a number of Senate places for academic, teaching and research staff equal to their relative size and there is a separate category for staff in professional services roles. In May 2020, colleagues at grade 7 and above were asked to consider standing for election to fill these places. The deadline for nominations was 5 June 2020. Eligible colleagues are now voting to select the new Senate members from the nominations received.