Help support a life-changing campaign

Sheffield Scanner is the charitable cause for this year's Big Walk and other events and we're asking all staff, students, alumni and friends to get involved. Professor Shearer West explains:

We are excited to announce a major new fundraising campaign which will help us take a leap forward in medical imaging.

Throughout 2017 we need your help to raise £2 million to establish a ground-breaking MRI-PET facility in Sheffield. MRI-PET is the future of medical imaging. It will transform our understanding of serious conditions such as cancer, dementia, heart and lung diseases, MND, Parkinson's and stroke and the way we treat them in the future.

The Sheffield Scanner campaign will be the charitable cause for this year's Big Walk and other events and is being led by Development, Alumni Relations and Events, headed up by Director of Advancement, Miles Stevenson.

We are asking all staff, students, alumni and friends to get involved and support the campaign in whatever way they can.

As well as financial donations, giving your time to help fundraise can be just as valuable. We have guides and resources to help you organise events, from quizzes and bake sales to marathons and skydives.

If you would like to get involved and want to help bring this ground-breaking MRI-PET facility to Sheffield please visit the Sheffield Scanner web pages where you will find a fundraising guide:

Sheffield Scanner fundraising guide

With thanks for supporting one of our largest ever fundraising campaigns.

Professor Shearer West
Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

About Sheffield Scanner

An MRI-PET scanner produces the most highly detailed pictures of the inside of the body available. This powerful technology combines scans from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to provide superior information of the organs, tissues and structures in the body and how well they are functioning. With this knowledge we will be able to answer major questions about disease and identify faster and better ways to detect, treat and prevent ill health. The scanner will be the first facility of its kind in Yorkshire and a vital investment in the health of people in this region, across the UK and beyond.