Social Sciences building update

The University has been made aware of a technical issue with the piling of the new Social Sciences building.

The foundations have not been driven deep enough into the ground and excessive settlement of the building has been reported by the contractor, BAM. To resolve this, BAM will need to deconstruct part of the frame and continue further piling into the ground. This will solve the issue and ensure the construction process can then continue.

This issue, along with the current Covid-19 outbreak and social distancing guidelines that are being adhered to on site, will mean that there will be a delay to the building schedule. We do not have final confirmation of how long the delay will be but we expect this to be approximately 10-15 months.

The University will not face any financial repercussions because of the delay, which is the responsibility of the contractor.

Because of the delay, we have applied to the Council to extend the planning permission for the modular building at the Northumberland Road car park to allow us to continue to accommodate our students.

You can find out more on the Estates and Facilities Management (EFM) project page