Student Lifecycle Project Pulse Survey results

The Student Lifecycle Project exists to review how we deliver services which support a student’s lifecycle, from enquiry to graduation. We can’t do this without you.

To better understand how you feel about the Project and what the level of awareness and engagement is, this summer we ran the first Student Lifecycle Project staff pulse survey. This feedback has already been really useful and, as you'll see later in this article, has informed some of our next engagement activities.

We were thrilled that 487 of you from across the University took the time to reply to this survey, and we hope this enthusiasm and participation continues to grow as the Project progresses.

Over to you

“This sounds like a great project that I would love to be involved in” - survey respondent

Top line stats:

SSP results

“Any system that bring Faculties & departments together can only be good for the University” - survey respondent

It’s really encouraging that 85% of respondents felt positive or neutral about the Project. The Student Lifecycle Project is about more than just a new system - it will change all of our jobs in some way by introducing new systems, processes and services which are sustainable, efficient and make student administration easier.

"It is all our responsibility to make it successful"

It is vital we also use the results of the survey to unearth any concerns or gaps in knowledge which exist across the organisation. For example, less than a fifth (18%) of the survey respondents felt confident in articulating the goals and benefits of the Student Lifecycle Project. To close this gap, we are currently working on some new web pages which explain in plain english what the impact of the Project will be. We also think the launch of our new Google Site at the end of the month and upcoming Autumn Roadshows will help the 42% of University colleagues who currently feel neutral about the Project understand the positive effects of the new services.

It also became clear from the research that some members of the academic community felt less engaged than their Professional Service colleagues. To include this vital group, later this Autumn we are going to be nominating an academic Student Lifecycle Project Ambassador from each department alongside an Ambassador from a professional services role.

Be in the know

The best way to stay up to date with everything Student Lifecycle Project is by subscribing to our Project News Updates, in which we also publicise further ways for you to get involved. Of those members of staff who attended our recent Service Design or Process Design workshop, 95% felt you had some or ample opportunity to engage. But if this doesn’t include you or you want a further opportunity to comment, contact our Communications and Engagement Officer Hatty Webster on