Student Lifecycle Project Second Pulse Survey results

The vision of the Student Lifecycle Project is to enable our University to provide efficient, sustainable, sector-leading services to students.

To do this we are looking at the way we currently deliver services to students, redesigning that delivery where required and implementing a new student system to support our students' lifecycle from enquiry to graduation.

To do this successfully we are relying on the expertise of our colleagues from across the University and it’s really important we know how staff are feeling about progress and whether there are any gaps in knowledge. We were thrilled that 470 members of staff took the time to reply to this survey, and we hope this enthusiasm and participation continues to grow as the project progresses.

Over to you:

Graphic: 83% of respondents have heard of SLP; 51% feel positive; 76% can describe its benefits

What we’ve learnt:

To achieve a level of consistency for students across our University we all need to work together. However, these results show that levels of engagement are not equal across faculties and departments. To make sure everyone who wants and needs to be involved is represented, we’re setting up meetings with all the Faculty Directors of Operation (FDOs) and Departmental Administration Managers (DAMs) across May to discuss how their teams will be involved and suggesting any outcomes are cascaded to relevant teams.

It is also clear from the research that some members of the academic community feel less engaged than their professional service colleagues. As the projects focusing on Assessment, Curriculum and Student services continue to ramp up, this group is going to become increasingly important. In addition to the launch of the Google Site which digs deeper into the day-to-day progress of the different projects, we are also working with academic colleagues to develop case studies for our web pages to highlight the benefits to this group and we are committed to having academic representation on Project Boards and in User Groups in areas where teaching and research staff will use the system.

As the design of some of the new services start to become a reality, 59% of respondents raised questions about what training and support will be given. All staff who need to use the system will be given formal training before it’s introduced and our Training and Development Officer, Sam Booth has written an update as to how this is currently playing out in the prospective student engagement service to give you an idea of what to expect.

Be in the know

The best way to stay up to date with everything Student Lifecycle Project is by visiting the Google Site and subscribing to our Project News Updates, in which we also publicise further ways for you to get involved. And if you think your team would benefit from an individual update, contact Communications and Engagement Officer Hatty Webster on to invite us to an existing team information / knowledge sharing meeting.