Brand new student system is on the horizon


Recent developments mean that the Student Systems Project is progressing towards a transformation of our student systems.

The project is managing the procurement of a brand new system and the development of processes to help us support and interact with students from their initial enquiries through to graduation.

The choice of supplier for our new student system is drawing closer, with the decision expected in late October or early November. Our requirements for the system have been finalised and a document outlining these has been issued to three potential suppliers. The suppliers will each propose a response to the document, and we will score their responses to select a preferred supplier.

Another recent milestone has been the confirmation of the scope of the project. The plan lays out the aspects of the student lifecycle that will be supported by our new system such as module choice, student fees and funding, and improving how we provide support for and communicate with our students. This important step shows all the areas through which our students will benefit from the new system.

The plan also highlights the areas which will require integration with other systems, including timetabling and student accommodation.

Preparations are now beginning for the implementation of the new system, with staff from across our University working together to think about the right approach. Later this year, there will be opportunities for all staff to provide feedback on the plans.

The project team will also organise sessions with departments likely to be affected by the early stages of implementation, to ensure the timelines work for everyone involved.