How to switch off for Christmas

Energy-saving tips for the holidays

Support sustainability at Sheffield by switching off before you leave for the holidays:

  • Make sure monitors are switched off, not just on standby
  • Make sure all windows are closed
  • Unplug all chargers and other unnecessary equipment
  • Switch off the lights
  • Ask your department manager if there is any equipment that needs to be kept on

Share a picture for a chance to win a prize!

Share a picture of you and/or your team switching off for Christmas on Twitter to @Sheffunisustain or email for the chance to win a small prize.

Elspeth MacKellar, Sustainability Projects Assistant will draw a winner in January 2019.

Where possible she will also let you know how much energy you have saved over the Christmas break so be sure to let her know you are taking part in the switch off.

Christmas lights 500x500