Important information about Tax Year End P60 documents

The University must provide Tax Year End P60 documents by 31 May each year to all staff and workers that were in post on 31 March. Find out how to access your 2019-2020 P60.

To find your 2019-2020 P60 using myJob, please follow the steps below, the preferred internet browser is Firefox:

  1. Log into MUSE
  2. Click on myJob
  3. Click on Personal Profile
  4. Under the heading 'HR GB Forms', click on '2020 P60 20192020' so the line is highlighted
  5. Click the 'Generate PDF Form' button
  6. Your P60 will be displayed on screen and can be printed (if needed) by clicking the print icon.

The myJob P60 is only available to staff paid on the Main Payroll, therefore, we will be sending some P60s by email. The P60s that are sent by email will have the subject heading 'Private and Confidential: eP60 2019/20'.


If you have any problems accessing your P60 via MyJob, please refer to our technical guidance.

To use certain features within myJob and myTeam you may need to allow popups for Instructions are given below on how to do this for each supported browser:

Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome

If you have a query regarding your P60, please email