Our talented team leading the way in learning technology

Our innovative Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team has scooped a prestigious award for empowering colleagues to explore and utilise technology in their teaching.

TEL team

Members of our TEL team were presented with the Learning Technologist of the Year Team Award at the Association for Learning Technology awards ceremony on 6 September.

Technology Enhanced Learning Manager Farzana Latif said: “We’re delighted with this award as it recognises the creative approaches and sense of enthusiasm that teaching staff from across the University have shown in adopting learning technologies.

"We’ve been working hard to empower staff so they have the confidence to make informed decisions on which technologies will enhance the learning experience of students.

“We’re also proud of the work we have done with students to ensure they are involved in the process of how the University adopts learning technologies.

"We have worked closely with Sheffield Students’ Union to get students’ views on what technologies they would find most useful for their studies.”

We’ve been working hard to empower staff so they have the confidence to make informed decisions on which technologies will enhance the learning experience of students.

Farzana Latif, Technology enhanced learning manager

The TEL team support colleagues in using different learning technologies available at the University and offer a range of resources for staff to help people get started with, or develop their use of technology for learning and teaching.

The team sits within Learning and Teaching Services in CiCS. Their creative approaches have created a sense of enthusiasm around learning technology, inspiring other institutions and making them sector-wide leaders.

They have pioneered the use of new cutting-edge learning technology such as virtual reality, and in recent years they've developed TELFest, a pioneering week-long annual teaching and learning festival. Academics can attend sessions to share ideas, challenges and examples of best practice on the use of technology in education. TELFest is now also open to learning technologists from other universities so staff from all over the world can network and innovate through a series of workshops, bite-sized sessions, panel discussions and debates.

Professor Wyn Morgan, our Vice-President for Education said of the TEL team's award: “We are thrilled to be honoured with this award as it once again demonstrates the outcome of our focus on designing and delivering world class teaching here at the University of Sheffield.

“Our staff are experts who are respected by their peers all over the world and are leading the way with some of the most innovative examples of learning and teaching and in particular harnessing appropriate technology in and beyond the classroom. They are committed to developing their skills and ensuring students get the best out of their time at Sheffield.

“The Technology Enhanced Learning Team has been a key part of supporting and leading this process and it is especially pleasing to see how they have worked with our staff to collaborate with students and get their feedback on what learning technologies they find most useful.”

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Get in touch with TEL team with any queries, comments or for information: tel@sheffield.ac.uk