TELFest 2018: our University hosts pioneering teaching and learning festival

Staff taking part in a workshop at TELFest 2018

Our University welcomed academics and teaching staff from universities across the UK for TELFest, our pioneering annual teaching and learning festival.

From Tuesday 26 June - Thursday 28 June, the Technology and Enhanced Learning Festival invited academics to share ideas, challenges and examples of best practice on the use of technology in education.

Now in its fifth year, the festival opened to other universities for the first time, enabling staff from all over the world to network and innovate through TELFest’s workshops, bite-sized sessions, panel discussions and debates.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) is increasingly important to the Higher Education Sector. TELFest draws on expertise from our colleagues in the University’s TEL team and the sector to help academic and teaching staff feel inspired to make the most of technology to enrich learning and teaching.

Hosted by our innovative TEL team, they support colleagues in using different learning technologies and offer a range of resources for staff to utilise.

Last year, the TEL team scooped the prestigious Learning Technologist of the Year Team Award at the Association for Learning Technology awards for empowering colleagues to explore and utilise technology in their teaching.

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Top picks from TELFest 2018

Using creative play to stimulate digital reflective practice and double loop learning

This workshop explored how Lego Serious Play can be used as a method to engage students (and staff) in a scaffolded approach to digital reflective practice.

Escape room workshop at TELFest 2018

Puzzling it out: exploring escape games for learning and assessment

Escape rooms are known for their puzzles and riddles, with clues, hints, and strategy used to complete the objectives at hand.

Participants had a go at an escape game format, with a variety of “locks” and puzzles to solve. The unique activity was designed specifically for TELFest to demonstrate the educational escape room concept and its pedagogical underpinnings.

Escape games can be applied to many learning contexts, including developing skills such as research, evaluation of resources, information literacy, critical thinking and team working, as well as in assessment.

Have I Got TEL News For You

A competitive quiz-based look at some hot topics in technology-enhanced learning, presented by Professor Wyn Morgan and featuring a panel of contestants from around the University.

Tightrope Walkers: Social Media, Equity and Educational Practice

The closing Keynote was delivered by David Webster, Head of Learning & Teaching Innovation at the University of Gloucestershire.

Social Media is touted as a panacea for course engagement. As generational stereotypes haunt conversations about students, and lead to fears about the out-of-touch Professor, the lure of 'going to where they are' is strong.

There is a danger that this pull is so strong that we are blinded by the potential benefits of using Social Media with students and forget possible pitfalls.

The lecture reflected on the ways we might still derive some of these benefits, while being alive and responsive to the ways Social Media can replicate socio-economic, and other, inequities.

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