University launches football sticker campaign to celebrate our international staff and students

Staff at the University share their story of international friendship

Our University is demonstrating their support for international staff and students by creating their own football stickers as part of a new campaign.

The campaign, called Sticking Together, is seeing people from across the University create and share their own custom-made football stickers with each one displaying a story about their closest international friendships.

The stories that are shared on the stickers illustrate the diverse range of strong global friendships that exist throughout our University and the positive impact these friendships have on the lives of people working and studying in higher education.

Staff and students at universities across the UK are also demonstrating their support for international staff and students by creating their own stickers for the campaign.

At the University, we are encouraging our staff to share their own stories of international friendship by creating their own sticker. The campaign’s stickers are being shared on social media using the hashtag #WeAreInternational.

Create your own football sticker

Staff from the University share their story of international friendship

The initiative has been launched as part of the #WeAreInternational campaign, which celebrates the huge contribution that international students bring to the UK and urges the UK’s government to reinforce this in word and deed through positive policies and rhetoric.

Launched by the two Presidents of the University of Sheffield and its Students’ Union in 2013, the #WeAreInternational campaign is now supported by more than 160 universities and organisations across the UK and highlights the importance of diverse international student and staff communities in higher education.

Peggy Lim, #WeAreInternational Project Officer, said: “Sport is a great way of uniting people from different walks of life. The FIFA World Cup brings together the greatest footballing talent from across the globe and, in a similar way, our universities unite some of the sharpest minds from around the world.

"To celebrate the fact that our universities remain diverse and inclusive communities of international scholarships, open to students and staff from across the world, we want to show how we are 'sticking together' by sharing our stories of international friendship and collaboration."

She added: "International students and staff are not only crucial to this country's economy and growth but they add cultural value and long lasting friendships which make this country and the rest of the world a better place.

"The #WeAreInternational campaign allows universities, students, businesses and partner organisations to say what must be heard – and amplified – around the world and we urge the UK government to recognise the vital economic, cultural and social contributions international students bring to our country both in word and deed."

The #WeAreInternational Sticking Together campaign is set to run for the duration of the FIFA World Cup 2018 and celebrates the global friendships that are showcased at universities across the UK. The initiative also recognises the contributions that international students and staff make to the UK.

Sheffield Central MP is part of the Sticking Together campaign

#WeAreInternational campaign

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