Our University and Students’ Union: agreeing on a shared future

Our University and Students' Union have launched a brand new Relationship Agreement to symbolise the mutual support between us and pave the way for even more successful collaboration.

The agreement comes as our Students’ Union prepares to launch a bold new strategy to give students the best possible university experience for 2017 and onwards.

The agreement has been dratfted to reaffirm our commitment to an ongoing partnership and outline how we’ll work together on our shared mission of enhancing student experience. It also acknowledges our common goals and possibilities for new connections in learning and teaching.

Professor Sir Keith and Kieran sign the agreement After signing the agreement

Our Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett said of our partnership: "One of the great strengths of The University of Sheffield is the close working relationship between the Students' Union and the University, and our common commitment to the very best possible education. This supports students to achieve the best they can while they are with us at The University of Sheffield as well as preparing them as far as we possibly can for the challenges which will face them in the decades after they graduate.

“This is a long-term relationship built on the bond between teacher and student which goes far beyond a marketised model of higher education. Students are members of the university community, crucial to our shared endeavour to use knowledge to improve the world, and we are determined to continue and strengthen a relationship which we know enriches the lives of students in Sheffield and gives them the very best basis for success as graduates.

“Knowing that we share so many common aims, and believing that we can achieve more together, is a source of real strength. I am deeply proud that it is part of who we are as a University."

As Students’ Union President Kieran Maxwell, begins his new role as Students’ Union President, he commented:

“I am optimistic and excited about the year ahead. The fantastic relationship between the Students' Union and the University makes Sheffield special.
Not every university makes the conscious choice to work in such close collaboration with their students and their Students' Union; in the past we've shown that by working together we can achieve great things, and I have no doubt this will continue into the future.”

“I'm really looking forward to working with all of you over the coming year; as are I'm sure the rest of our brilliant new officer team. On behalf of the 27,000 students I now represent, thank you for all that you've done and continue to do, to make this such a fantastic University and such a fantastic Students' Union.”

What will the agreement mean?

It’s designed to reflect the aims of both our University and Students’ Union, highlighting our shared aims and ambitions.

For the University, the agreement offers the opportunity to renew our commitment to providing the highest quality education and student experience. This is based on a long history of working with our students to ensure we’re attuned to their changing needs.

Similarly, our Students’ Union seeks to ensure its members have the best university experience. They want to remove barriers for our students, representing, supporting and enhancing their time at university.

We go way back

Our University and Students’ Union have enjoyed positive and respectful relationship since 1906.

Our University statutes for that year states: “There shall be a Students’ Union of the University and the University shall take steps to ensure that the Students’ Union acts fairly and democratically and is accountable for its finances.”

Our new Relationship Agreement seeks to confirm and continue this well-established approach.