Celebrating the contribution of our continental European colleagues

We have a proud history of being an international university attracting students and staff from all over the world for more than 100 years. At a time when Europe is the news, our Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett is today (Monday 9 May 2016) celebrating the contributions of our continental European colleagues.

At a drinks reception this evening he will thank our continental European colleagues for all that they bring to our University.

Sir Keith said: “Our students and staff from across the world are of extraordinary importance to our University. We are an immeasurably better place to live, work and do real good in the world because of being a global community. I look forward to meeting and talking to colleagues this evening.”

Keep an eye on @sheffunistaff in the run up to the referendum to hear opinions on the EU debate, and feel free to share your thoughts. 

Did you know? Today is Europe Day – held on 9 May every year Europe Day celebrates peace and unity in Europe.

Learn a bit more about our EU staff community with this quick infographic:

Infographic on EU Staff

Yannis Ververidis, Principal of our International Faculty, shares his personal perspective on the work Sheffield does on the European continent, its future and the potential impact of Britain leaving the EU: