The importance of China-UK collaboration in science and technology

Vice-Chancellor interviewed by Chinese media

Our Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett spoke of the importance of China-UK collaboration in science and technology in a keynote address at the Pujiang Innovation Forum in China on 24 September 2016. 

Sir Keith, President of the UK's Science Council, addressed the opening plenary of China's most prestigious innovation event, which is hosted by China’s Minister of Science and Technology and attracts over 700 senior government officials, academics, business people and entrepreneurs from China and overseas.

Speaking in Chinese and English, our Vice-Chancellor highlighted how both countries must join together to address society's biggest challenges, including feeding the world sustainably, building environmentally sustainable cities, improving healthcare for all and developing a sustainable economy which creates growth through science and innovation.

He also told delegates about our Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) with Boeing and Factory 2050, the UK's first fully reconfigurable assembly and component manufacturing facility for collaborative research.

Sir Keith said: "This is a golden age of collaboration between the UK and China. And that collaboration will begin as we solve problems together, with a common determination to serve the needs of the people."

Sir Keith, who has undertaken a wide range of print and broadcast interviews to discuss these issues and to share the work of our University, was also made an Expert Advisor for Xinhuanet News in China following in depth interviews on science, innovation, education, creativity and enterprise.

He was awarded the honour for his work with the UK government and Universities UK International to share a better understanding of UK-Chinese collaboration.