Our Vice-Chancellor elected to Council of the Royal SocietyVC at Royal Society summer Science Exhibition

Our Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Keith Burnett, has been elected to be a member of the Council of the Royal Society.

A Fellowship of the world's most eminent scientists, the Royal Society was founded in the 1660s and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence.

Known around the world for its unparalleled advocacy for excellence in Science, the Royal Society's fundamental purpose is to 'express, promote and support excellence in science, and to encourage its development and use for the benefit of humanity' (Source: the Royal Society).

In addition to identifying and supporting the work of exceptional scientists, the Royal Society also provides early and senior career researcher schemes and operates programmes in relation to innovation and industry.

Sir Keith, who became a Fellow of the Royal Society in 2001, is a theoretical physicist and a longstanding member of the Board of the UK Atomic Energy Authority.

He is also a serving member of the Prime-Minister's Advisory Council on Science and Technology.

He will join the Council of the Royal Society as it also welcomes its new President, the Nobel Laureate and Biophysicist Sir Venkatramen Ramakrishnan.