Vice-Chancellor visits Thessaloniki to celebrate graduation of over 200 students

City College graduation

Our Vice-Chancellor will be joined by senior academic colleagues in Greece this weekend (21-22 November 2015) to officiate at the graduation of over 200 students at our International Faculty in Thessaloniki, as well as meet alumni and partner organisations in the region.

At our International Faculty CITY College in Greece's second largest city, Thessaloniki, we offer undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD level qualifications to students across the Mediterranean area and Balkans.

Degrees are taught in English and are tailored to address regional needs in areas such as computer science, psychology, healthcare, English studies, logistics, and managerial studies for executives and public administrators.

Our South East European Research Centre (SEERC), a research centre in Thessaloniki founded in 2003, brings together research academics from here in Sheffield, CITY College and the region on three key interdisciplinary areas: Enterprise and Innovation; Information and Communication Technologies; and Society and Human Development. SEERC has a track record of success in attracting EU and private funding, utilising this to carry out applied research that is relevant and has impact in the region.

Professor Sir Keith Burnett said: “As a University with successful partnerships across the world, we are delighted that the work with our colleagues in Greece which began 20 years ago has flourished to the extent that our University now has many hundreds of alumni across the Mediterranean and Balkan region.

“The original motivation for our work in the region stemmed from a group of committed academics who recognised a real need in Greece and across the Balkan area to develop the professional and management skills which would help build society and strengthen bonds of understanding. Today we have hundreds of graduates who play key roles in business and wider society.

“What we and they could not have known then was what tremendous challenges lay just around the corner, and what a crucial role these Sheffield graduates would need to play in addressing them. Europe is facing deeply troubling times, and nobody knows this more sharply than the people of Greece and the Balkan area, who have borne so much of the impact of both the economic crisis and the influx of migrants escaping terror in the Middle East.

“We do not have easy answers to any of these deep and complex problems. But we know that to solve our deepest challenges we will need thoughtful and dynamic young people who want to build a better world.”

Jo Purves, Vice-President of Sheffield International, added: “Our University has a strong history of campaigning for the rights of international students, joining with our Students’ Union to start the #WeAreInternational campaign in the UK. This has a clear link to the multinational nature of CITY College, offering degrees in a location where students from all areas of the region can study side by side when this is still difficult in their home countries because of historical divisions. It will be important that we continue to adapt to address new economic and social issues in a rapidly changing environment.”

Here in Sheffield we welcome students from over 100 countries and we have 2,221 alumni living in Greece who came to Sheffield over the last 50 years to achieve their degrees. We also have 700 alumni in the Republic of Macedonia and 400 in Romania. There are more than 2,500 alumni who studied in Greece at our International Faculty.
We also deliver masters level courses in Belgrade, Sofia, Bucharest and Kyiv.

In addition to partnership meetings with students, alumni and universities in Athens and Thessaloniki led by our Vice-Chancellor, our Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Shearer West will attend events with the President of the Republic of Macedonia, the new Romanian minister for Education tomorrow as well as 120 Sheffield graduates in Skopje and 100 in Bucharest.