Thank you for helping us go round the world - twice!

Today (12 July) marks the halfway point in our Virgin Pulse Global Challenge (VPGC). So far, our dedicated teams have walked, cycled and swum the equivalent of 148,942,785 steps - that’s 2.38 times around the world.

On 24 May 2017, volunteer participants from across the University started the 100-day challenge, tracking their daily activity using a pedometer linked to the VPGC app.

This dedicated VPGC platform has bonus content like fitness and wellbeing tips for extra motivation.

It also features a message board which helps team members, who might be spread out across different University departments, to stay in touch one another.

Well done to all our participating teams. Data so far reveals that our top three performing teams and their rankings are:

CiCStart with 7,893,904 steps

Fantastic Beasts with 7,390,695 steps

APS Blister Sisters with 6,575,578 steps

nursing teamColleagues in Juice asked our teams for their advice on getting more active, whether you want to climb the leader board or just some Peak District hills!

Ian Belton CiCStart team captain, shared how his team stay committed.

"We check the leader board regularly and work towards getting new (virtual) trophies to help with the motivation. Our secret is remembering that we are part of a team, so we don't just do it for ourselves. It is easy not to do something some days, but when you hear how good everyone else is doing it just spurs you on to do your bit."

Jenny Alsopp and her team Pumped Up CiCs stay active by: "Going out at lunchtime – it not only gives you the chance to get in some steps but also clears away the cobwebs and makes it easier to concentrate in the afternoon."

Emma Reynolds, from Fantastic Beasts has some advice for anyone taking part in the challenge, whatever your target.

"Make sure you get up from your desk regularly and move around; this helps accrue steps without it even feeling like you're trying. If you have time, breaking up your commute by walking part or all of the way not only gets in steps but helps you gear up for the day ahead and wind down mentally too at the end of the day."

Pictured: the Nursing and Midwifery team, annexe amblers, on day one of the challenge.

Why are we doing it?

We opted in to the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge because it's a great way to help keep physical fitness and wellbeing a key part of our working lives.

Many of us already enjoy active hobbies or take part in our Juice activities, so seeing how your activity adds up is really interesting and a great motivator.

Thanks to everyone taking part - we're looking forward to following you on your journey.