Volunteer to join this year's Clearing & Adjustment helpline

During August, the Admissions service will be looking for staff volunteers to remotely join the team working on the Clearing & Adjustment helpline.

Unless there is change in the current environment we are planning to operate remotely with an easy to use internet browser based telephony system that enables us to function and deliver clearing in exactly the same way we would if we were located in the Diamond. Training will be organised for volunteers during July and we can provide new USB headsets where required for use over the clearing period.

Alongside the training dates to be confirmed during July, the helpline will be ready to open from 7.30am on Thursday 13 August to receive calls and make offers to Clearing applicants. If you are available there may be the opportunity to volunteer for further shifts on Friday 14 August.

If you would like to volunteer on the helpline please complete the Google Form below and note that you must seek permission from your line manager.

Clearing Helpline Volunteers 2020 Google Form