Work begins on our new world-class Social Sciences hub

Social Sciences hub

Dear colleague,

I am pleased to announce that construction of the University’s new Social Sciences building has started. The building will include a state-of-the-art research hub, bringing together cross-cutting research centres in an innovative working environment. It will facilitate interdisciplinary research that will lead the way in addressing important societal challenges.

The benefits of this new development, in which we aim to welcome students and staff from September 2021, will be felt across the University. The new building will help us achieve carefully planned future growth in student and staff numbers, and it will ultimately support our ambition to strengthen teaching and research in all the faculties. In the short term, it will also enable a number of other departments to develop and grow as they move into the space currently occupied by Social Sciences at the eastern end of the campus.

You can read more about the new development below. I will continue to keep you updated with progress.

Professor Koen Lamberts
President and Vice-Chancellor

Our new Social Sciences hub

With over 10,500 students and 1,000 staff, Social Sciences is the biggest faculty at our University. The new development will create world-class teaching and learning facilities for our social science disciplines, further developing our excellence and extending our University’s competitive advantage in the UK and global higher education sector.

Social Sciences hub interior

The Faculty of Social Sciences comprises 13 departments, several cross-cutting research institutes, and the White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership. The faculty is unique among its peers in the Russell Group in having both classical social sciences disciplines such as Politics and Economics, but also practitioner-based disciplines such as Journalism and the Information School.

This world-class facility, located at the junction of Northumberland Road and Whitham Road, will bring these departments together, creating exciting and collaborative teaching spaces, and social and learning spaces at the forefront of digital technology, which will significantly enhance the student experience.

The Departments of Economics, Politics, and Sociological Studies will be located in the building, along with the Sheffield Methods Institute and the Faculty of Social Sciences office. The adjacent Elmfield building will provide the departmental homes for Journalism Studies and the School of Education, and all will be in close proximity to the Sheffield University Management School and a new home for the Information School.

Green space, which will be open to the public as well as students and staff, will be part of the development, providing an improved local environment. A number of trees have had to be removed to allow for construction, but the University will continue its commitment to replacing every felled tree with at least two new ones, including a number of semi-mature specimens to create a more immediate impact on the environment.

With four storeys at the front and three at the back, the building’s glass and steel frame will allow for lots of natural light and has been designed with sustainability at its core. Ground source heat pumps will be installed to maximise the opportunity created by thermal warmth.