Get in touch with your homecation ideas

Painting of the sun with #stayhome

Whether it's getting stuck into a book, indoor games with the kids or just allowing yourself time to relax and recharge, we’d love to hear about your plans and ideas.

You may have had to cancel your travel plans but that doesn’t mean you should cancel your annual leave. Here are just a few suggestions for stay-at-home activities. Share yours and we'll add them here:

  • Have a campout with the kids in your garden or living room
  • Recreate your holiday itinerary at home - many museums and visitor attractions have online virtual tours and exhibitions, including the Louvre, British Museum and even the Pyramids of Giza
  • Get stuck into that poolside book you’ve been saving
  • Cook a meal from your favourite holiday destination. Get the family involved in making it too

What are your homecation ideas?

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