Your Big 30 challenges

Over the 30 days in June, we are challenging our community to do 30 things, either every day or over the course of the month.

You could do the same or a different 30 everyday, such as 30 sit-ups or 30 climbs of the stairs. Or you could aim to run a total of 30 miles across the month or grow 30 plants and give them away locally. There is no right or wrong way to take on the challenge, and we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

The event is open to all, so this is a great opportunity for our University community to come together during a difficult time with your friends and family, to take on a variety of exciting challenges.

How to take part

  • Choose your 30 challenge and decide whether it's 30 a day or 30 over June.
  • Create a Just Giving page to keep track of progress, including linking your Strava page for cycling/walking/running challenges.
  • Choose to fundraise £30, £60, £90, £130 or £300 or donate £30. Details of how each amount can make a difference are explained here.
  • Share your challenge on social media throughout May and June using #Big30Shef to update your friends and family on your progress. We would love to see snippets of your challenge so please include photos and videos!

Sustainability-themed challenges

Need inspiration? Take on a challenge that’s good for the planet:

  • Identify 30 plants, insects and animals in a park or garden
  • Find 30 items to donate to a charity shop (at a later date)
  • Safely pick up 30 pieces of litter on your walks
  • Reduce your plastic intake for the 30 days of June (a good trial period for Plastic Free July)
  • Try a vegetarian or vegan diet for 30 days or make 30 vegetarian or vegan dishes
  • Spend 30 minutes each day contributing to a citizen science project
  • Go car-free for 30 days - bike, run, walk, scooter

The Big 30 officially starts on Monday, and if you’re looking for inspiration then check out what some of our challengers are doing on the University’s Just Giving page. Below is a selection of our participants and their fantastic challenges:

Heather Mortiboys - Senior Research Fellow, SITraN

Heather is one of our researchers into Parkinson’s Disease research at the University. She has set herself the challenge of walking at least three miles a day, in addition to baking a cake each day, a wonderful balance there. Heather is hoping to involve her family in her challenge, and it seems like they’re already on board for testing out the cake!

Heather is aiming to post pictures of her cakes and some of her walks, alongside recipes for her cakes on her Just Giving page.

Check out Heather's page

Adrian Higginbottom - Senior Scientific Officer, SITraN

Adrian is taking on the mammoth challenge of cycling 900 miles over June. Not only is that distance 3 times the amount he cycled last year, he is also aiming to not repeat the same route, not to cycle laps of flat roads and will be taking on some iconic climbs in and around Sheffield.

Adrian manages the drug screening facility in SITraN, and is taking part in The Big 30 to fundraise for the life-changing cures needed for patients and their families.

Check out Adrian’s page

Miryam Prasetyo - Prospect Development and Insight Manager, Campaigns & Alumni Relations

Miryam recently completed a beginner’s course in Chinese, and is taking the opportunity to revise 30 flashcards a day for 30 days. Miryam is hoping that the challenge will help her to maintain her new knowledge, particularly without the presence of a teacher!

Check out Miryam’s Just Giving page

Jana Kalalova - Grantham Centre Administrator

Jana’s Big 30 is a terrific trio of challenges. Not only is she planning to walk 30 miles across the month and take part in a home work-out everyday for 30 minutes, Jana is also giving up chocolate for 30 days - a part she anticipates will be particularly difficult! With her 30th birthday coming up, Jana is treating it as a good time to get fit, and also shares a personal connection to Parkinson’s disease.

Check out Jana’s page and progress

Hayley Chalmers - Regular Giving Officer, Campaigns & Alumni Relations

Hayley’s Big 30 challenge is all about sit ups, she is aiming to do 30 every morning and 30 every night. As I’m sure a lot of us are anticipating, she is hoping that it gets easier with each day, particularly as Hayley currently doubts she can do 10, let alone complete 60 each day!

Keep up to date with Hayley’s progress

Lynn Sykes - Fitness Instructor at Sport Sheffield

Lynn is one of our fantastic fitness instructors at Sport Sheffield. Throughout June she will be hosting at least 30 fitness classes, with the classes involving 30 reps/30 seconds of exercises. Lynn is asking for ideas for exercises to use in the classes, so if you’d like to donate to her page then you can suggest an exercise at the same time.

Check out Lynn’s page